What is it?

Itty Bitty RPG is a single player passive role playing game that anyone can embed in their own website! What is a "passive" role playing game? Basically you can visit a site, slay a few monsters, upgrade your equipment and be off to your next thing all in a few moments.

Why is it cool?

It's a first! This code combines the convenience of a simple web counter with the gameplay of a role playing game. Using the latest and greatest in web technologies (see below) it emerges a new kind of web application.

How do you play?

  1. Click on the IBRPG icon in the navigation to create an account.
  2. Reload the page a few times. Mouse over the icon to see your experience grow!
  3. Click on one of the random monsters that appear on the page and do battle!
  4. After you succeed for fail, go back to the "town" to heal up.
  5. Click on the treasure chest to get some money. Monsters also give you money sometimes!
  6. When you have enough money, go back to town to buy yourself some stuff.
  7. Reload at least 10 or so times - notice the spiffy alert dialog that comes up when you level up!

How does it work?

A single javascript file bootstraps the loading of the YUI libraries and other resources. After that the code scans the site for special tags and inserts HTML for monsters, treasure, and many other interesting things in the future!

Your information is stored between sessions via the persistent storage feature of the Firefox browser.

How can I use it?

  1. Go to the Google Code repository and download the latest release
  2. Modify the domain parameter in the ibrpg.js to match your domain
  3. Upload the scripts and resources directory to your web server
  4. Annotate your site to include DIV's with the following classes:
    • class="ibrpg" id="ibrpg_home" - main home link
    • class="ibrpg monster" - random monster encounter
    • class="ibrpg treasure" - treasure chest
    • ... More to come!

This is too limited! When will it have feature X?

This is an open source project! I fully expect to expand this in major ways in the near future. Come to the Yahoo group and offer suggestions, or file bugs/feature requests in the Google Code page. Future versions will have expanded features like quests, pets, traps, etc. Versions for Greasemonkey, Widgets, and Firefox plugins are also planned!

How did you make this?

Grab the source. Here's some of the credits for much of the code:

It seems broken!

Here are some tips:

  • Make sure you are using Firefox 2.0+ with javascript turned on.
  • Reset your account. Warning! this will kill your character!
  • Clear your browser cache.
  • File a bug at the Google Code site.

Who are you?

I'm Andrew Wooldridge - email me

What's New?

05-31-2007: I'm making progress on a Tile Engine for IBRPG and getting dialogs to work. Here's a link to the tile engine work in progress. For more updates, please check out my blog.

04-17-2007: Wow! Longest week in history. However I'm back from a hundred other tasks and hope to present a new version by Friday. We'll see.

03-08-2007: New Version soon! With updates to the library and major new features... Check back in a week or so.

02-12-2007: Working on new features including: